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Minimalist Office & Residential Interior Design


Clean Line and Simplicity are the two main factor in Minimalist office or residential fit out .

Less is more , uncluttered , reductive are some of the terms immediately come to the mind after thinking about minimalism .

minimalist interior is very trendy these days for office interior designing and fit out  , but achieving this look is not just selecting fewer piece of furniture and leave the space feel cold .

there are few tips which I will share with you today to achieve minimalism :

  • The color theme : is mostly monochromatic and color is used as an accent , try to limit the color palette .  but still you can be bold and use stand out splashes of colors in the right way .
  • Focus and functionality : minimalist office interior designing or residential fit out will allow something other than the space to be the focus . it can be the people in the space or the view .
  •  Essential : the furniture will be simplified to their essential components . we will not add anything for the effect of it .
  • Visual Balance : Symmetry applies to both layout of the furniture and the decor you will use .

The key is for the work space to look not cluttered and feel clean and free from unnecessary ornaments . but the biggest challenge while doing the fit out work is to make the space look warm and welcoming .


the first fundamental of minimalist interior design is the color . you can take your design to another level with the knowledge of how to use the shades of the specific color . the color can evoke different moods in interior design and needs to study carefully . color theme for any interior design project contains at least three colors . background , base and the accent . but if you are working with minimalist interior design then you can reduce it to two color .

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