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Get Industrial wall cladding and painting services to fix durable and visually appealing materials to your interior walls. Select the right color schemes and coatings complementing the overall design. We provide both protection and an updated look to the workspace. DesignMaster team of expert brings a unique blend of creativity and functionality to residentials, factories, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities. Experience the transformation of your spaces with our tailored industrial wall cladding and painting services, where form meets function for an unparalleled interior design experience

Cladding Material Considerations

Durable Wall cladding Material - DesignMaster Dubai


Material withstands various environmental and physical factors over an extended period. As walls are subjected to harsh conditions, such as heavy machinery, temperature fluctuations, and exposure to chemicals. Material exhibits resilience against wear, impact, and weathering, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance requirements.

Wall Cladding and painting - material Considerations - DesignMaster Dubai


Material signifies the ability to withstand specific external influences without undergoing detrimental changes. This includes resistance to moisture, chemicals, fire, or UV radiation. Resistance attributes contribute to the material’s overall performance, ensuring it maintains its integrity and appearance even in challenging environmental conditions.

Safety and compliance - DesignMaster Dubai

Safety Standards

Safety standards ensure the well-being of occupants and compliance with building regulations. These standards encompass factors like fire resistance, toxicity levels, and overall structural integrity. Materials meeting safety standards contribute to creating a secure indoor environment, especially in commercial and residential spaces.

Wide Selection

Industrial Wall Cladding Material

Wall cladding materials serve as versatile elements to offer both functional and aesthetic benefits. These materials are applied to the surfaces of walls to enhance their appearance, protect against wear and tear, and provide insulation. From classic options like wood and stone to modern alternatives such as uPVC, Tile cladding, Glass, Aluminum, Aluminum composite panel- APC, Ceramic, Porcelain cladding. From all these, our designers explore various textures, colors, and patterns.

Wall Cladding

Residential Interior Cladding

Residential interior cladding services for fitting out both decorative and protective materials to walls within homes. This style of designing enhances the visual appeal of residential interiors while providing functional benefits such as insulation, moisture resistance, and durability. Most homeowners choose cladding to create a distinctive aesthetic, adding texture, warmth, or a modern touch to different rooms. For instance, natural wood cladding can infuse warmth and a sense of nature into a room, making it ideal for creating cozy living areas. Considering the client’s preferences, the overall design concept, and the functional requirements of each space, DesignMaster experts create cohesive and visually striking interiors. Contact us to get superior interior designs and fit out solutions on such projects

Bedroom Wall Cladding

Bedroom wall cladding incorporates decorative materials or panels to the walls of a bedroom, enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the space. This technique involves the installation of various materials such as wood, stone, or other decorative panels to create a visually striking and textured surface. Bedroom wall cladding serves multiple purposes, including providing insulation, improving acoustics, and protecting the walls from wear and tear. The choice of materials for bedroom wall cladding can significantly impact the overall atmosphere and style of the room. For instance, wooden cladding can introduce warmth and a natural feel, while stone or tile cladding can add a touch of sophistication.

Living Room Wall Cladding

Living room cladding involves the application of various materials such as wood, stone, or decorative panels to the walls. This creates a textured and visually captivating backdrop. This technique adds an element of design interest while contributing to the overall ambiance and character of the living space. It becomes a transformative approach for enhancing the visual appeal and functionality of this central space. The versatility of cladding materials allows for diverse styles, from rustic charm to modern elegance, catering to the homeowner’s aesthetic preferences. Through a thoughtful selection of materials and design, living room cladding becomes a dynamic tool for expressing style and creating a welcoming atmosphere within the home.

Feature Wall Cladding

Feature wall cladding as a design concept, involves accentuating a specific wall within a space, often the focal point, with decorative and distinctive materials. This technique is to draw attention to that particular wall, making it a standout element in the overall design scheme. The purpose is to introduce texture, color, and visual interest, transforming an ordinary wall into a striking focal point. Feature wall cladding is a versatile approach used any interior space to add personality, depth, and style to a room. This creates a visually appealing and impactful statement within the overall design narrative

Commercial Interior Cladding

Commercial interior cladding is a transformative technique for elevating the visual appeal and functionality of commercial spaces such as offices, retail stores, or public venues. This process involves strategically applying specialized materials to the interior surfaces, serving both aesthetic and practical purposes. This is the best technique to offer a unique opportunity for brand expression. Simply because the choice of cladding materials and design elements can convey a company’s ethos, values, and identity. Thoughtful blend of creativity, functionality, and brand integration is required. Contact DesignMaster to create cohesive and visually striking commercial spaces while resonating with your target audience.

Industrial Cladding

Industrial cladding, the comprehensive design approach for harmonizing aesthetics with functionality in industrial workplaces. Professional designers like DesignMaster, use specialized materials to create surfaces on walls within industrial spaces. Places such as manufacturing plants, warehouses, distribution centers, power plants, factories, workshops, mills, research & development centers, assembly lines and food processing plants embrace it. Industrial wall cladding makes the interior environment of these industrial spaces visually pleasing while resilient, secure, and optimized for the specific activities conducted within.

Material selection is a pivotal aspect, focusing on robust options like metal panels, concrete, or composite materials for enduring heavy use and environmental challenges. The paramount considerations in industrial cladding are durability and safety, with materials chosen to enhance functionality and create a secure working environment while aligning with the brand or design theme. Contact us to get you through your interior and exterior cladding project

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The Brushstrokes of Elegance

Looking for Painting professionals to transform your wall to a masterpiece with mere color application. Discover DesignMaster, a committed Interior design company in Dubai to provide refined and sophisticated interior painting services. We understand the transformative power of color in enhancing the aesthetics of a space. Our specialization lies in bringing that touch of sophistication to your interiors. We meticulously apply each brushstroke with precision for a seamless and elegant finish. Contact us, Lets add a brushstroke of elegance to your project.

Residential Painting

Residential Wall Painting - Dubai

Residential painting services are tailored for homes and private residences. The focus is on creating a personalized and comfortable living environment. As professional residential painters, we work with a variety of color schemes, finishes, and techniques to enhance the aesthetics of individual rooms. Attention is given to details with the aim of reflecting the homeowner’s style and preferences. Common areas for residential painting include living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and exteriors.

Commercial Painting

Commercial painting services are geared towards businesses, offices, retail spaces, and public establishments. The emphasis is on creating a professional and inviting atmosphere for customers and employees. We are experienced in working with larger spaces as we consider factors like branding, corporate color schemes, and the functionality of the workspace. Common areas for commercial painting include office interiors, storefronts, restaurants, and public areas.

Industrial Painting

Industrial Wall Painting - Dubai

Industrial painting services are focused on facilities with specific needs related to durability and functionality. These spaces include factories, warehouses, manufacturing plants and other industrial facilities requiring specialized materials to protect surfaces and equipment.

They require coatings and paints withstanding heavy use, extensive exposure to chemicals, and harsh environmental conditions.

Decorative Painting Techniques

What Makes a Difference?

Once skillfully combined, textures, patterns, finishes and colors create a harmonious and visually captivating interior. As professional interior designers, understanding how to integrate these techniques allows for the creation of unique and personalized spaces reflecting client's style and unique preferences. Each element plays a crucial role in achieving a well-balanced and aesthetically pleasing design.


Textures pertain to the surface quality and how they feel to the touch. In painting, textures are achieved through techniques like faux painting, stippling, or using textured paints. These methods add depth and tactile interest to walls, creating a dynamic visual experience.


Patterns involve the repetition of decorative motifs or designs. In painting it is achieved through techniques like stenciling, mural painting, or using patterned wallpapers. Patterns add visual interest, break up monotony, and tie together different design elements within a room.


Finishes bond the final treatment applied to a painted surface. Common finishes include matte, satin, gloss, or even specialty finishes like metallic or textured paints. Finishes affect the sheen to influence the durability and mood of a space.


Paint Colors - DesignMaster

Different colors visually alter the perception of space, making it feel larger, cozier, or more vibrant. Colors influence the atmosphere and mood of a room. The selection of paint colors is a powerful tool for conveying a specific design theme or evoking certain emotions.

Making Color Selection?

Understanding Color has profound impact on ambiance, emotions, and functionality within a space. The process begins with an in-depth analysis of your preferences, lifestyle, and the intended use of each room. Simply leverage DesignMaster designers’ keen understanding of color psychology through an array of hues, considering natural light, room dimensions, and existing décor. This collaborative exploration aligns the chosen color palette with your aesthetic vision which enhances the overall harmony with mood of your interior spaces. By opting for our Consultation service, you embark on a transformative journey, where every shade becomes a brushstroke in the canvas of your unique design narrative.

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