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Maximizing Your Space with Our Sliding Door Expertise

Sliding door works to enhance entrances and exits for various interior spaces is our exceptional expertise. At DesignMaster, we install sliding doors customized to suit the unique needs of each space. Whether it’s a residential living room, a modern office, or a luxury hotel suite, our sliding door works seamlessly integrate with the existing design and architecture. We work closely with our clients to determine their preferences and requirements, offering a range of materials, styles, and finishes to choose from.

Primary Sliding Door Installation Solutions


Precision is paramount when it comes to sliding door installation, Our experienced installers meticulously measure and align the doors to guarantee a perfect fit, resulting in smooth and silent operation. We also emphasize durability, selecting high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting performance.


We are passionate about making spaces more accessible. Our sliding doors are designed to make the most of every square foot, allowing for greater freedom of movement and easy access. We take pride in our ability to create functional solutions that benefit everyone.


Our commitment to our clients is unwavering. We take the time to understand their vision and execute the installation with precision and care. From the initial consultation to the final inspection, our dedicated team ensures that every project is a seamless, stress-free experience.

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Sliding Door Types

Sliding door installation is more than a service at DesignMaster, thus an art form. We create doorways to a world of possibilities, where aesthetics meet functionality, and your space is elevated to new heights of beauty and convenience

Internal Sliding Door Works

Our internal sliding door installation service places a strong emphasis on design harmony. We seamlessly integrate doors into your existing décor. Whether you opt for contemporary, minimalistic glass doors, or prefer the timeless elegance of wooden sliding doors, we pay attention to every detail, from the choice of materials to handle designs, ensuring a cohesive look. We consider both aesthetics and functionality, creating stunning doorways that enhance the accessibility and flow of your space.

Residential Interior

Residential Sliding Doors

Your home is your sanctuary, and the doors that connect its spaces shape its character, comfort, and functionality. Our residential sliding door works are designed to elevate your living experience. Create an open, airy ambiance with expansive glass sliding doors that seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor spaces. Do you prefer space-saving and stylish pocket doors for more intimate areas? DesignMaster has the solutions to meet your needs. Our residential sliding door works are beyond aesthetics, they’re also practical and convenient. Expect to get doors that are easy to use, smooth to operate, and easy to maintain.

Bathroom Sliding Doors

When it comes to bathroom design, a harmonious blend of style, functionality, and space utilization is key. DesignMaster bathroom sliding doors offer an elegant solution to elevate your bathroom experience. Our offer includes various options, from contemporary frameless glass doors imparting an open with airy feel and classic wooden sliding doors exuding warmth with charm. They characterized with smooth operation and ease of access, making them perfect for smaller bathrooms. These doors are designed to resist moisture, making them easy to clean and maintain their pristine appearance.

Kitchen Sliding Doors

Are now a popular choice in modern home design. Kitchen sliding doors separate the kitchen from other living spaces while maintaining an open concept. Typically made of glass to naturally flood in light into the kitchen, creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere. Kitchen sliding doors provide a practical solution for noise reduction. They allow you to keep the hustle and bustle of cooking separately. They also offer a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces when designed to connect to a backyard or patio. These doors contribute to the contemporary aesthetics of the kitchen, making them a valuable addition to a home

Closet Sliding Doors

Closet sliding doors slide horizontally on tracks, eliminating the need for floor space required by traditional swinging doors. They enable easy access to the closet’s contents while adding a touch of modern elegance to the room. Closet sliding doors come in various materials, from traditional wood to sleek glass. They are easily customized to match the overall design and aesthetics of the bedroom. Their versatility makes them an excellent choice for enhancing organization and functionality in residential settings.

Retail & Commercial

Commercial Sliding Doors

Make a statement of professionalism with our commercial sliding doors for your business. We have a solution for specific business’ entrance and exits needs. whether it requires elegant glass sliding doors for a professional office setting or robust, space-saving sliding doors for a warehouse or industrial facility. Maintenance and care are simplified through durable materials and finishes, ensuring that your doors retain their appeal even in high-traffic areas. When it comes to energy efficiency, commercial sliding doors can help manage temperature control and reduce utility costs. Moreover, security features are integrated to protect valuable assets and maintain a secure work environment. Multi-point locking systems, access control options, and impact-resistant glass are just some of the elements that enhance security. Contact DesignMaster to set a stage for your business success in today’s competitive market

Exterior Sliding Door Installation Services - DesignMaster Dubai

Exterior Sliding Door Works

Stylish Solutions to Effortless Transitions

The finishing touches are the most defining elements of any interior designer work. DesignMaster exterior sliding door works are no exception to making a lasting impression. From our vast experience, we understand how exterior doors are functional transitions from indoors to the great outdoors. We offer the timeless aluminum finish, the sleek and modern allure of glass, with a customized design to match your unique style. Exterior sliding door works. Get a professional personal expression from the finishing touches crafted from an array of choices of materials, the texture and color. As they elevate the aesthetics of your space, they also contribute to energy efficiency and security. Contact us to invite the natural beauty of your surroundings into your home

Sliding Door Major Considerations

Design and Style

Comes with a wide array of possibilities for creating a perfectly match for your architectural preferences. There are design options ranging from those with the sleek lines of modern minimalism, the timeless elegance of classic designs, to the versatility of contemporary styles. You can choose from various materials, finishes, and configurations to achieve the desired effect. From large glass panels that flood your living space with natural light to intricate patterns and textures that add a touch of individuality, the design possibilities are nearly limitless.

Security Features

Reinforced frames and high-quality locking systems, such as multi-point locking systems, provide a robust defense against unauthorized access. Impact-resistant glass options can protect your home from potential break-ins and extreme weather conditions. Additionally, some exterior sliding doors offer built-in alarm systems and smart locking technology, allowing you to monitor and control access remotely through your smartphone devices. These features enhance your home’s overall security while seamlessly blending with your interior design.

Energy Efficiency

For eco-friendliness and low utility bills, choose energy-efficient materials, such as double or triple glazing for the door panels, to help regulate indoor temperature and reduce heat loss. Proper insulation and weatherstripping prevent drafts and maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. Low-emissivity (Low-E) glass coatings if incorporated into the door design, they minimize the transfer of heat through the glass while allowing natural light to enter. These features contribute to lower energy consumption, reduced heating and cooling costs, and a more sustainable living space. potentially.

Maintenance and Care

Sliding door maintenance fosters their longevity and performance. If regularly done then prevents issues such as squeaky tracks, stuck rollers, or weatherstripping wear and tear. Always keep the tracks clean and free of debris for a smooth operation. Lubricating moving parts and inspecting the sealant for any gaps or leaks maintains energy efficiency and weather resistance. Periodic inspections and repairs are recommended to determine the need to replace a worn-out gasket, upgrade security features, or address any other issues, timely attention is essential.

High-End Sliding Doors

Luxury sliding doors represent the pinnacle of sophistication and style in your interior design. We crafted them with exquisite materials and precision engineering, these doors add a touch of opulence to any living space. The allure of these high-end sliding doors transform your interiors into an elegant and functional environment. luxury sliding doors offer a statement of affluence and aesthetic refinement whether used in spacious living rooms or as dramatic entryways. You deserve their smooth, effortless operation and meticulous attention to detail. We have experienced them serving as a testament to the art of interior design. Elevate your concept of opulence and comfort to new heights.

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