Space Planning & Designing

Your Vision, Our Expertise

At Design Master, space planning and designing are the core elements of our interior design process and project management, where we transform your vision into a living reality. Our expertise lies in meticulously planning every aspect of your space, from optimizing layouts and functionality to selecting the finest materials and color palettes. Designing, on the other hand, is where creativity flourishes as we curate aesthetics, choose furnishings, and refine every detail to create a harmonious and personalized environment. Together, space planning and designing form the backbone of DesignMaster’s approach, aiming on your space to be aesthetically pleasing and perfectly tailored to your needs with aspirations. Get our professional touch to bring your dream spaces to life

Space Planning

Efficient layouts

Space planning, accompanied by the creation of efficient layouts, stands as the cornerstone of exemplary interior design, DesignMaster professionals meticulously craft the blueprint for your ideal space. We optimize very square foot for functionality and aesthetics. Then, we expertly organize for efficient layouts, select furnishings, and consider traffic flow, all while tailoring the design to your unique preferences. With our professional space planning skills, we transform your vision into a well-arranged and aesthetically pleasing reality. In your space, the beautiful works harmoniously meet your practical needs. Welcome to a world of expertly designed spaces, where every detail is carefully considered and tailored just for you.

Site Visit

Our expert team visits the location to gather information about the existing condition of the site. Take measurements and all other initial requirements for any interior space planning and  project management.

Client Meetings

We present the Design Concept and the cost estimation to the client , do the necessary changes to meet client budget and idea, then finalize the design and material selection.


To ultimately safeguard the integrity and reliability of our projects, Design Master is approved by all the authorities ( Dewa , Dubai Civil defense , Dubai Development Authority and Concordia)

Site Works

Design Master’s Expert team will do all the works and joinery in House . the fit out work’s Quality is grantee based on the experience we have in the market

Virtual Designs

Immersive Virtual Design Experiences

Discover the cutting edge of interior design, we harness the power of technology to redefine your space. With this innovative approach, we transport you into a digital realm where you walk through and interact with your future space before it’s even built. Our expertise in immersive virtual designing allows us to create a fully immersive, two-dimensional and three-dimensional experience, where you visualize every detail and make informed decisions. This technology not only brings your ideas to life but also provides a practical and cost-effective way to ensure that space planning is perfectly tailored to your needs. Experience the future of interior design with DesignMaster immersive virtual designing services, where your vision becomes a vivid, interactive reality.


Conceptual Designing

Innovation and Visualization

Innovation and visualization are the twin pillars upon which we create exceptional living spaces. Our team of dedicated professional engineers and visualizers is passionate about pushing the boundaries of traditional designing, introducing fresh, imaginative concepts that redefine the art of interior spaces. Innovation is the driving force behind our designs. We constantly seek inspiration from the latest trends, cutting-edge technologies, and architectural marvels to craft interiors that not only capture the eye but also function with practical brilliance.

What sets our approach apart is our unwavering commitment to the power of visualization. Through state-of-the-art technologies and artistic finesse, we create realistic renderings and simulations that allow you to see and feel your dream space before a single nail is hammered. It’s a truly remarkable journey where your vision unfolds right before your eyes.

At DesignMaster, we use visualization to bridge between the abstract idea and the real-world object. It’s the canvas where dreams take shape, where innovative ideas come to life, and where every detail is meticulously refined. Our process ensures that you not only love the final result but also the journey of getting there.

With our innovative concepts and the power of visualization, we ensure that your space is not just a design project; it’s a work of art that aligns with your dreams and desires.

Our designing journeys doesn’t just meet your expectations; they exceed them. Through innovation, we penetrate from conventional to foresight thinking, so you can be absolutely certain that your space will be everything you’ve ever imagined and more. It’s our promise to you: interior spaces that are visually stunning, functionally exceptional, and uniquely yours. Contact Us for more details

2D Design

Two-Dimensional Layouts

Two-dimensional layouts form the foundational blueprints for the entire project management and a core, where our creative journey begins. DesignMaster professional designers and draftsmen bring your vision to life through expertly crafting a graphical representation to make a layout.

These graphical representations of interior spaces depict the arrangement of furniture, fixtures, and other elements within a room or building. The layouts provide a bird’s-eye view of the space and allow us to plan and visualize the flow, functionality, and aesthetic aspects of the design. Using project management tools such as computer-aided design (CAD) software, we create scaled floor plans that show the dimensions, positioning, and relationships between different elements. This includes furniture placement, wall partitions, doors, windows, and other architectural features incorporated in the interior designing realm

3D Design

Three-Dimensional Layouts

Three-dimensional layouts go beyond the two-dimensional floor plans and provide a more immersive and realistic representation of interior spaces. These layouts give a sense of depth and perspective by showcasing the height, width, and depth of the room, allowing us and our clients to visualize the space in a more lifelike manner. This sets a well defined scope which is advantageous to project management. Using advanced software and technologies like 3D modeling and rendering, we create virtual environments that accurately represent the materials, textures, lighting, and spatial relationships within the space. Three-dimensional layouts enable exploring different angles, viewpoints, and walkthroughs, providing a more comprehensive understanding of how the design will look and feel. This immersive approach helps both us and the  clients in make informed decisions about design elements, such as furniture arrangement, color schemes, and lighting fixtures. This also allows us to fine-tune details, identify potential issues, and create stunning and functional interiors meeting clients’ expectations.

Authority Approvals

Your Vision, Our Expertise

Securing authority approvals is crucial part of project management to ensure that our designs comply with various regulations and standards. These approvals are generally required to guide us adhere to building codes and regulations, which are essential for the safety and functionality of any interior space. Authority approvals also come into play when permits are needed, particularly for structural changes or significant renovations. We work closely with authorities to obtain these permits, ensuring that our projects meet legal requirements.

Authority approvals also cover verification for our designs to meet fire and safety regulations, which cover critical aspects like fire exits, fire-resistant materials, and accessibility, especially for individuals with disabilities.

In essence, authority approvals are a means of ensuring that our interior design projects are not only aesthetically pleasing but also safe, functional, and in full compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Project Management

Streamlined Project Management Processes

Project management is our strategic orchestration of every aspect of your project, all the way from concept, space planning, designing to completion. This is the art of bringing your vision to life by harmonizing design, construction, and logistics. We are passionate about delivering not just aesthetically pleasing spaces but also ensuring a seamless and efficient interior designing journey for our clients. Streamlined processes are at the heart of what we do, allowing us to coordinate and manage every detail with precision. From initial space planning, designing and budgeting to procurement, construction, and final touches, our project management ensures that your interior designing project progresses smoothly, stays within budget, and adheres to the timeline. It’s about taking the complexity out of the equation and providing you with the peace of mind that your interior design project is in expert hands. Our commitment to project management means that you can focus on the exciting part – watching your dream space come to life – while we handle the intricate details, making the entire process a rewarding and stress-free experience

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Design Master’s portfolio ranges from assisting clients making furniture selections to fully coordinated large scale home remodels, new construction, restaurant, office and retail interiors. No matter where a project falls in this range, Design Master helps clients bring beautiful and functional designs to life. As interior designers, we translate our clients’ visions of their spaces into thoughtful, executed designs. We are happy to help new clients at any stage of the design process and will gladly discuss your specific needs in more detail.