Wood Works

Natural and aesthetic wood workings

Wood works adding a natural, aesthetic appeal, texture, and warmth to interior spaces using timber is the best experience from DesignMaster Dubai. Did you know that wood is a timeless material that adapts to various design styles, even if traditional or modern. For many years we have utilized wood in creating custom joinery works, doors, wooden moldings, architraves cabinetry, interior frames and various trim-works.  They are versatile while seamlessly integrate with the overall design concept and visually pleasing. With a focus on sustainability, get responsibly sourced wood or reclaimed materials in woodwork aligning with environmentally conscious design practices. Discover the durability of wood with a lasting and beautiful finish from DesignMaster.


The Beauty of Wood Work

Discover the transformative power of tile works in creating visually stunning and durable surfaces. Whether it’s for floors, walls, or backsplashes, DesignMaster team of interior experts meticulously selects and arranges tiles to create captivating patterns, textures, and color schemes that align with your design vision. From sleek and modern to rustic and traditional, our tile works add a touch of sophistication and character to any space. With an emphasis on quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, we strive to deliver tile works that not only elevate the visual appeal of your interiors but also stand the test of time.

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Wood Finish

Diverse wood finishes for Selection

We have a variety of wood finishings offering extensive palettes for creating distinct atmospheres within your interior. Each wood finish carrying a unique charm. From the rich and warm tones of mahogany to the lighter and more rustic appeal of oak. At DesignMaster, we understand that choice of wood finishings is about aesthetics and functionality. Just as a high-gloss finishes add a touch of sophistication to a modern interior, while a distressed finish infuses a vintage character into a room. The key lies in understanding the subtleties of different wood finishes and how you need them to harmonize with your overall design vision. Our diverse range of wood finishings allows clients to tailor their interiors to their exact preferences. Whether seeking for a timeless and classic look or a contemporary and minimalistic feel. Contact us when creating spaces resonating with your unique style and personality.


Weaving wood into Interiors

Joinery well known as the art of weaving wood into interiors is now our specialty in interior design. DesignMaster expert designers professionally and beautifully merge craftsmanship with functionality. This involves the intricate process of creating bespoke wooden elements such as cabinetry, architraves, skirtings, and intricate moldings.  All these enhance the aesthetics and utility of any space. Are you looking for high-end woodworking with skilled craft requiring meticulous attention to detail and precision? DesignMaster experienced carpenters have an intimate understanding of the unique characteristics of various wood types.

Wood Works - DesignMaster Dubai


Doors are pivotal in shaping the aesthetics and functionality of spaces in Dubai’s unique blend of modern luxury and cultural heritage. They are merely transitions between rooms with magnificent designs to make a powerful statement. Doors define the mood of a space, offer privacy, security, and sound insulation. We understand it’s a canvas for artistic expression thus crafting them with elegant finishes, innovative materials, and ornate details. When it comes to interior design in Dubai, doors are functional elements harmoniously fusing tradition and modernity. Come to DesignMaster where creativity and culture converge to make a lasting impression. We offer diverse options to open up a realm of creative design possibilities with single doors, double doors, single-plus doors, and sliding doors.


Tailored Storage Solution to Your Space

Cabinetry is multifaceted art form combining functionality, aesthetics, and craftsmanship to create custom storage solutions and design elements within living spaces. Looking for modern bespoke cabinet designs for organizing and storing various items in your living spaces? Our clients’ unique needs and style preferences are covered with personalized configurations, materials, finishes, and hardware. This ranges from crafting kitchen cabinets, wardrobe systems, or bespoke storage units. Our Cabinets design and fit out solutions seamlessly integrate with the overall design theme of any room for an elegant, organized, and harmonious space.

kitchen Cabinets

Sleek Designs For Contemporary Living

Discover DesignMaster kitchen cabinets creating a testament in modern kitchen design and contemporary living. With their sleek and clean lines, these cabinets are perfect for those who appreciate a minimalist and functional aesthetic. Even when remodeling your kitchen or starting from scratch, choose from base cabinets, wall cabinets, tail cabinets or corner cabinets to provide a fresh and uncluttered look that reflects the spirit of today’s homes. Our selection of kitchen cabinets offers a range of designs to suit your taste and the overall style of your kitchen. From handle-less, glossy finishes to open shelving concepts, we provide a variety of options that combine beauty with practicality. Our sleek kitchen cabinets are the perfect choice for your contemporary living space.

Base Cabinets

Base cabinets are the foundation of a well-organized and functional kitchen, offering ample storage and essential support for countertops and appliances. Mostly equipped with convenient pull-out shelves and deep drawers, making it easy to access and stow away your kitchen essentials efficiently

Wall Cabinets

Wall cabinets provide valuable vertical storage in the kitchen, making efficient use of space while keeping essentials within easy reach, all while adding an element of design sophistication to the room.

Tail Cabinets

Tall cabinets are a versatile storage solution extending from the floor to the ceiling, making them ideal for storing pantry items, large kitchen appliances, and various supplies. They help declutter your kitchen by providing a designated space for everything, ensuring that your cooking essentials are within easy reach while maintaining a tidy and organized appearance in your kitchen

Corner Cabinets

Corner cabinets maximize storage space in otherwise challenging kitchen corner areas. These cabinets are designed with a special configuration that includes a turntable or pull-out mechanism, making it easier to access items stored in the corners. They effectively utilize what would otherwise be wasted space, allowing for convenient storage of pots, pans, and other kitchen essentials.

Exclusive Trimwork

Wooden Moldings

Wooden moldings are the unsung heroes of interior design, quietly adding a touch of sophistication and character to any space. They define the architectural nuances of a room, framing doors and seamlessly transitioning from walls to ceilings. We make these versatile elements from fine woods like oak, cherry, or pine.

They serve both functional and decorative purposes while sculpting a timeless elegance. Moldings are enhancements to the aesthetics of your spaces, bringing warmth, style, and a sense of heritage to your home. Whether stained to blend in or painted to stand out, wooden moldings effortlessly harmonize with the overall design or set a distinct tone of their own.


Your Pathway to Architectural Beauty is Our Optimized Ultimate Finishing Touch

Architraves are architectural elements framing around a masterpiece, adding both a structural and aesthetic touch to a room. Architraves seamlessly connect different components of a space, such as doors, windows, and walls. They protect the edges and joints while providing a polished, finished look. What makes architraves truly remarkable is their versatility. We make them in various styles, from classic to contemporary depending on our client’s project. This eases the customization of any interior design project. Whether you prefer a traditional, intricate architrave or a sleek, minimalist one, these architectural details contribute to the overall harmony and aesthetics of your space. So, when it comes to creating a well-rounded and visually pleasing interior, remember architraves are the unsung champions bringing a touch of sophistication to your living spaces

Wooden Wall Cladding

Wooden wall cladding is now Dubai’s dominant transformative design element exuding natural warmth and timeless charm with wooden material. DesignMaster experience in such works explains how walls are like a canvas waiting to be adorned. In this case wooden wall cladding is the brushstroke adding character and depth to any interior. These wooden panels enhance the aesthetics and contribute to the overall insulation, acoustics, and ambiance of the room. Their grain patterns, textures, and various wood species offer an extensive palette to work with. This makes them a versatile choice for both contemporary and traditional interiors. Wooden wall cladding can redefine the atmosphere, turning a mundane room into a cozy haven or an ordinary office into a space with character and sophistication. So, when considering ways to breathe new life into your interior, think about DesignMaster’s organic allure of wooden wall cladding, a design feature that transforms your walls into a work of art.


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Design Master’s portfolio ranges from assisting clients making furniture selections to fully coordinated large scale home remodels, new construction, restaurant, office and retail interiors. No matter where a project falls in this range, Design Master helps clients bring beautiful and functional designs to life. As interior designers, we translate our clients’ visions of their spaces into thoughtful, executed designs. We are happy to help new clients at any stage of the design process and will gladly discuss your specific needs in more detail.