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Fighting COVID-19 and staying at home, Residential Fit out Tips

Residential Fit out Tips

Here are some tips on how to be creative and use your time wisely at home with refreshing residential interior design.

We are hearing all the new information about coronavirus, COVID-19, and how we have to stay home to prevent any risk of getting the virus.

But what we can do while we are staying inside? Below are some useful tips to do:

Fighting COVID-19 and staying at home, residential fit out tip 1: Declutter your wardrobe 

Make four piles labeled with ‘SELL’, ‘MAYBE’, ‘CUSTOMISE’, and ‘TOSS’.

Clothes were then sorted into these piles following these rules:

TOSS: anything ripped, too work to give away, or damaged in any sort is belong to this category.

SELL: any unworn or valuable cloths

MAYBE: if it fits you and it is in good condition but you cannot decide if you still like it or not, put it here and hide the box somewhere for 3-6 months. If you forget about them it is a sign that you can give them to charity.

CUSTOMISE: if you have some clothes that you like but it has missing buttons or needs altering, keep them in this box and get them fix as soon as

“Do not be afraid to throw things out or give them to charity if you don’t love them or you are not wearing them. “

Declutter your wardrobe

Fighting COVID-19 and staying at home, Residential fit out tip 2: Refresh your house look

Refresh your house look by painting the feature wall of your living room, bedroom, or kids’ room. You can involve the kids. it will help kids to develop the skill plus teach them the psychology of the color and how it will affect each space.

For painting the wall, you need to choose the color first. Think about the space and what is the general color characteristic, you want your space to look warm or cool? Is it a kid’s bedroom? Do you want to make it more fun by having different colors in your room? Browse the internet and get 1000 different ideas and select what you like the most.

Order the materials and tools online! To avoid public places, remember staying home is the best way to prevent the Coronavirus.

Here is the list of the material you need:

  • paint
  • Paint roller
  • Paint roller extension pole
  • Drop cloths
  • Paintbrushes
  • Paint tray
  • Sandpaper
  • Painter’s tape
  • Rags
  • Putty knife

Fighting COVID-19 and staying at home, Residential fit out tip 3: Declutter the pantry and kitchen cabinets

You will need a couple of boxes or large trash bags. You may also want to have a box for items that belong elsewhere in your house. First of all, go quickly through all of your drawers and cabinet and see what you can get rid of.

Then you come back to the spot start decluttering and ask yourself the following questions: do I use this? is this extra? Does it help to make my life easier?

Think about what you do most often in the kitchen. Tidy anything that you don’t use regularly away