Power Distribution

Comprehensive Power Delivery Solutions

Power distribution involves electrical supply and installation service. At DesignMaster, we do the planning, implementation, and integration of electrical systems within a designed space. Collaborating with us as your power distribution professionals is a guarantee for strategic placement of electrical outlets. We ensure convenient access for electronic devices and lighting without compromising the design’s visual appeal. We integrate smart lighting solutions, supported by advanced wiring systems while enhancing ambiance and aligning with modern design preferences.

Get protected against electrical hazards with our prioritized safety standards and regulatory compliance. Collaborating with us is embracing the seamless integration of smart home features, from automated access control systems to IoT devices. Talk to us about your project seeking enhancement for the overall modernity and efficiency of the designed interior.

Electrical Network Distribution

Major Considerations

Invisible Wiring Solutions with Electrical Distribution Services - DesignMaster Dubai

Invisible Wiring Solutions

Work with electric power transmission services to implement invisible or discreet wiring solutions. Concealed wiring contributes to a clean and uncluttered design, allowing the focus to remain on the aesthetic elements of the space while ensuring the seamless functioning of electrical systems.

Spatial planning and Outlet placement in Power Distribution Services- DesignMaster Dubai

Spatial Planning and Outlet Placement

Consider the strategic placement of electrical outlets and power sources to accommodate the diverse needs of occupants. This includes convenient access to power for electronic devices, lighting, and other electrical requirements without compromising the design aesthetics.

Power Distribution abd smart technologies Integration - DesignMaster Dubai

Smart Technologies Integration

Collaborate with our power distribution services to integrate smart lighting solutions. This involves incorporating advanced wiring systems that support intelligent lighting controls, enhancing ambiance, and providing energy-efficient options that align with modern design preferences.

Safety and compliance - DesignMaster Dubai

Safety and Code Compliance

The power distribution services employed adhere to safety standards and regulatory compliance. Prioritize the installation of circuit breakers, surge protectors, and other safety features to guarantee the well-being of occupants and protect the interior against electrical hazards.

Electrical Planning and Design

Electrical Outlets Placement

The placement of electrical outlets is a critical aspect of interior design and electrical planning, influencing both the functionality and aesthetics of a space. DesignMaster electrical professionals strategically determine the location of outlets. We ensure a convenient access to power sources while maintaining the visual integrity of the design.

From our vast practical experience, electrical outlets must be strategically placed to accommodate the functional needs of the space. In residential settings, this involves considering the layout of furniture and appliances. The objective here, is ensuring outlets are easily accessible for everyday activities. In commercial spaces, the placement of outlets is tailored to the specific requirements of the business, supporting equipment and technology used in daily operations.

Did you know that electrical outlet placement is a design consideration impacting the overall aesthetics of a room?

For sure, all Interior designers aim to integrate outlets seamlessly into the design, minimizing any visual impact. This may involve concealing outlets within furniture or using innovative solutions such as floor outlets or pop-up outlets. Ensuring a harmonious blend with the design contributes to a clean and uncluttered look, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the space.

Smart electrical planning and design requires understanding the power needs of modern technology. With the proliferation of electronic devices, electricians innovate new ways to include additional outlets, USB ports, and charging stations to accommodate the growing reliance on technology. Come to DesignMaster Dubai, Lets talk about your electrical installation section of your project

Safety and Code Compliance

Dubai Electrical Safety

Authority Approvals and Project Management

Electrical safety in Dubai interior design projects is a multifaceted process. It requires us designers to adhere to stringent regulations and obtaining approvals from relevant authorities. The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) plays a central role in overseeing electrical safety standards in the emirate. At, DesignMaster, we have certified electricians to implement all electrical installations while complying with DEWA regulations. We cover all aspects such as implementing proper grounding, circuit protection, wiring, outlets, lighting, fire and overall system safety. Obtaining authority approval involves submitting detailed plans, schematics, and documentation to DEWA for review and inspection. This comprehensive process ensures that the electrical components integrated into the interior design meet the highest safety standards set by Dubai’s regulatory authorities.

Compliance with these regulations ensures the safety of occupants while providing a foundation for successful project completion.

Residential & Commercial

Energy Spread

Supply and Installation

Electrical supply and installation fosters modern, sophisticated spaces align with the city’s opulent lifestyle. DesignMaster professional interior Engineers direct the emphasis on cutting-edge electrical solutions for meeting the high standards of residents. Balancing innovation, sustainability, and luxury, we craft modern electrical ambience for both residential and commercial living environments in Dubai. We understand how to safely harmonize advanced electrical solutions with the city’s unique aesthetic and lifestyle preferences.

Residential Electrical Supply

Residential electrical supply emphasizes creating a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing living environment. Electrical power supply is tailored to the needs of individual households We mainly focus on lighting solutions, appliance support, and smart home features. As expressed before, we strategically place outlets, design lighting schemes enhancing the home’s ambiance. We integrate technology in a way that aligns with the lifestyle and preferences of the residents. Our residential electrical installations often prioritize energy efficiency to create a personalized and functional space for occupants.

Commercial Electrical Supply

Commercial electrical power supply and installation are driven by the specific demands of businesses and public spaces. The scale is larger, and considerations include the powering of commercial equipment, efficient lighting for workspaces, and compliance with safety and accessibility standards. Commercial projects design layouts accommodate unique needs of the business, whether it be office spaces, retail outlets, or hospitality venues. We do the planning for robust electrical infrastructure, incorporating technology for business operations, and ensuring compliance with commercial building codes. Contact DesignMaster today about any commercial electrical supply and installation project. We have mastered creating environments supporting productivity, functionality, and the overall brand identity of any business.

Electrical Modular Designs

Get modular electrical designs which are paramount most especially when considering maintenance aspects within interior spaces. Modular electrical design creates systems that are easily replaceable with upgradeable components. Maintenance becomes efficient without disrupting the entire electrical infrastructure.

Reduce the downtime by streamlining troubleshooting and repairs with this approach. This makes the interior space remains functional and accessible during maintenance activities. Additionally, modular design fosters flexibility, enabling quick adaptations to evolving technological needs without extensive rewiring. DesignMaster is here to create aesthetically pleasing spaces while equipped for long-term durability and easy to maintain

Electrical power Modular Design and Installation - DesignMaster Dubai

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